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Profile for Nick&Rosie

Name:Nick Mattlock
Email address:Not released
Member since:2016-02-23
Personal details:Rosie was my Springer Spaniel that I 'rescued' in December 2013 when she was 3 years old. She was no one's pet, just being used as a commodity to produce puppies. Over the next 7 years she bagged 340 Trig Points, notably all 155 in our home county of Northumberland (including the 'showstopper' that is Boltslaw Smalesmouth). She bagged 91 Corbetts 35 of which had TP Pillars on, and shared a tent with me on many occasions wild camping. A completely devoted, 100% obedient and totally joyful companion never more than a few feet from my side, she passed away suddenly but thankfully painlessly in February 2020. I'm retiring this Profile and my TP logs post Rosie are now being logged under the Profile Account 'NJM'.

Total of 340 trigpoints logged:
By current use
Passive station8
By historic use
3rd order200
4th order3
By type
By condition
Slightly damaged32

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