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recently uploaded logs

This list is shown in the order the log was uploaded not logged date

2020-02-26ed-donGood condition TP5830Scadson
2020-02-26KTGood condition TP6626Twmbarlwm
  Good condition TP5690Risca
2013-11-17NJMGood condition TP4224Kings Seat
2016-07-23NJMGood condition TP5127Night Fold Field
2020-02-26KTSlightly damaged TP4597Machen Hill
2020-02-22Dot924Destroyed TP24221Odeon Cinema Romford
2020-02-25Dot924Good condition TP10882Pier Pavillion Vane
2020-02-25DelBoyF63Good condition TP5676Riddles Down
2020-02-25Dot924Good condition TP2774Dial Hill
2020-02-25mzb238Not Logged TP1965Carn Maol
2019-12-15Mark EvansSlightly damaged TP4998Mynydd Baiden
2020-02-25amblerbobPossibly missing TP12830Walton Wrays Laithe
2020-02-25A1MushroomGood condition TP4259Kittyfield
2020-02-25Axe EdgeGood condition TP1325Benson Knott
2020-02-25A1MushroomGood condition TP1745Buckholm Hill
  Good condition TP4933Mosshouses Moor
  Good condition TP0684Black Hill (NT72)
2020-01-28Mark EvansSlightly damaged TP4162Kenfig Hill
2020-02-25John DCCGood condition TP2306Cobden Edge

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